Aviary Attorney - walkthrough
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Act 1 - A Cat With Claws

January 3rd, Monday

 Aviary Attorney walkthrough

January 4th, Tuesday

January 5th, Wednesday

January 6th, Thursday - TRIAL

Act 2 - A Fox Among Wolves

January 10th, Monday

 Aviary Attorney walkthrough

January 11th, Tuesday - January 14th, Friday

During these days you have to do the following in any order you want:

 Aviary Attorney walkthrough

January 15th, Saturday

January 16th, Sunday

January 17th, Monday - TRIAL #1

January 18th, Tuesday

January 19th, Wednesday

January 20th, Thursday

January 21st, Friday - TRIAL #2

Act 3 - The Sleeping City

January 24th, Monday

January 25th, Tuesday

January 26th, Wednesday - February 3rd, Thursday

During these days you have to get the password and the location of Croque-Monsieur from Renard by February 3rd (cause you’ll have to visit a specific location on Friday):

 Aviary Attorney walkthrough

February 4th, Friday

February 5th, Saturday - February 8th, Tuesday

February 9th, Wednesday

You’re now at the Catacombs. Your choices will determine the ending you’ll get.

For ending 4A:

For ending 4B:

For ending 4C:

Act 4A - Liberte

February 14th, Monday

 Aviary Attorney walkthrough

February 15th, Tuesday

February 16th, Wednesday

February 17th, Thursday - TRIAL

February 18th, Friday

Act 4B - Egalite

February 10th, Thursday

February 11th, Friday – February 16th, Wednesday

You have to visit six locations (in any order) and gather evidence for the trial.

 Aviary Attorney walkthrough

February 17th, Thursday

February 18th, Friday

Act 4C - Fraternite

Not yet released.