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Futurust moja nowa gra na kick starterze

Gatunek: Przygodowa

Autor: dEn

Opis: Gra bazującą na literaturze sf oraz innych grach przygodowych typu Machinarium. Wcielamy się w postać robota Rusta, który znajduje sie w samym środku konfliktu maszyny-natura. Gra jest w całości malowana akwarelami.

Opis EN:

The world of the future is much alike our own. Intelligent machines created their own society and live within an industrial complex, while a wild and untamed nature roams freely outside of its borders. Unfortunately, as time goes, the more radical groups are raising questions of Machines existence and do blame nature for the main reason of their death – corrosion.
Our protagonist – Rust – is caught in the middle of the conflict without a will, or skills to maintain long on his own. Would he join one of the sides or choose his own path? Would he discover now unrecognizable complex or allow himself to get switched off one way or another?
We started this project as a form of our commentary on our current world politics. As a way of showing that one’s actions, as little as they can be might have impact on the bigger things, or may not, it all depends from the direction we will take our live, our own adventure. You can stay passive and see how others destroy the beauty or Earth or you can start by serving a community, a region, a nation, a world.





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