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Lancelot's first beta is available!

Free! 20-minute-long!
Including knights in underwear!


www.lancelotshangover.com/images/thumbnails/lancelot_hangover_camelot.jpg www.lancelotshangover.com/images/thumbnails/lancelot_hangover_gay_bar.jpg www.lancelotshangover.com/images/thumbnails/lancelot_hangover_grail.jpg

The very first playable beta of Lancelot's Hangover is available! It's 32.7 megabytes and 20 minutes of medieval fun, including 256-color VGA graphics in 1080p for later-than-1995-Pentium users! And it's free!

This first beta shows you what will be the humour, the dialogs, the main characters and the graphical style of the game. A later beta, scheduled for October 2014, will introduce you the funny puzzles and the point-and-click gameplay.

All bug reports, suggestions, comments are welome! Don't be shy! I will be glad to hear from you! :)

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