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A whole life to find the Holy Grail
One alcohol night to lose it

www.lancelotshangover.com/images/cpc/1/lancelot_hangover_bar_gay_small.jpg www.lancelotshangover.com/images/cpc/1/lancelot_hangover_ville_small.jpg www.lancelotshangover.com/images/cpc/1/lancelot_hangover_tunnel_amour_small.jpg

YouTube Video

Lancelot's first beta is available!

Free! 20-minute-long!
Including knights in underwear!


This first beta shows you what will be the humour, the dialogs, the main characters and the graphical style of the game. A later beta, scheduled for October 2014, will introduce you the funny puzzles and the point-and-click gameplay.

www.lancelotshangover.com/images/thumbnails/lancelot_hangover_camelot.jpg www.lancelotshangover.com/images/thumbnails/lancelot_hangover_gay_bar.jpg www.lancelotshangover.com/images/thumbnails/lancelot_hangover_grail.jpg

Don't be shy, mate: click on the screenshots to see them bigger!

Hi everyone :)

First of all, sorry for not speaking Polish. I'm from Belgium and I'm designing a funny and old-school point and click adventure game for PC and Mac.

Here's the pitch:
After a 10-year quest, Lancelot and his fellow Gawain have found the Holy Grail! Immediately informed, King Arthur runs to meet the most valiant knights of the Round Table. While their king brings them fortune and fame, Lancelot and Gawain celebrate their victory over a few beers. The next morning, Lancelot wakes up in his underwear in a gay bar. The keeper tells him that he has lost the Holy Grail playing cards and Gawain has been kidnapped by environmental activists. If he does not want to be killed by Arthur, Lancelot has to get back the Grail and his companion in arms before the king of Britain discovers what happened.

I've started this thread on this forum to introduce you the game's developpement. I will be extremely glad to get your comments, advices and suggestions. My goal is to provide you the funniest point and click I can.

If you have questions about the sorywriting, the making of the artworks, the code stuff, the list of all psychoactive drugs consumed to craft the puzzles and the 'creative' businness plan behind the game financing (and yes, all the rumours about the offshore accounts and the ties with the Chinese mafia you read on the Internet are true!), feel from to drop me a comment. I'll make my best to reply the most sincerely I can.

If you want to test the game, a beta is coming very soon. I'll give a download link on this forum. Or if it's handier for you, I'll tweet the link on @Lancelot_game

Thanks :)


www.lancelotshangover.com/images/cpc/1/lancelot_hangover_dev_1_small.jpg www.lancelotshangover.com/images/cpc/1/lancelot_hangover_dev_2_small.jpg www.lancelotshangover.com/images/cpc/1/lancelot_hangover_dev_3_small.jpg www.lancelotshangover.com/images/cpc/1/lancelot_hangover_dev_4_small.jpg
www.lancelotshangover.com/images/cpc/1/lancelot_hangover_dev_5_small.jpg www.lancelotshangover.com/images/cpc/1/lancelot_hangover_dev_6_small.jpg www.lancelotshangover.com/images/cpc/1/lancelot_hangover_dev_7_small.jpg www.lancelotshangover.com/images/cpc/1/lancelot_hangover_dev_8_small.jpg
www.lancelotshangover.com/images/cpc/1/lancelot_hangover_dev_9_small.jpg www.lancelotshangover.com/images/cpc/1/lancelot_hangover_dev_10_small.jpg www.lancelotshangover.com/images/cpc/1/lancelot_hangover_dev_11_small.jpg www.lancelotshangover.com/images/cpc/1/lancelot_hangover_dev_12_small.jpg

Very Important (although boring) Legal Stuff

The European Commercial Court of Justice (ECCJ), held on 8th February 2014 in Brussels (Belgium), stated that:

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