Chaos on Deponia - walkthrough

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You can control the game only with a mouse:
  LMB – take/talk to
  MMB – hotspots
  scroll – inventory
  RMB – look at

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Chapter 1

   Grandma Utz
   Return to the escape pod plan - with a big saw blade
   Shut up Cleatus
   Go help Doc
   Get the cartridges
   Persuade Goal

     Lady Goal

       Fortune cookie and the trial membership card
       Get the platypus off the menu

         Earth Platypus
         Air Platypus
         Fire Platypus
         Water Platypus

       Get the reservation - poem
       Get Lady Goal on your side

     Baby Goal

       Cheat the Shop-O-Mat
       Join the Unorganized Crime
       Join the Resistance

         Find the door to the Resistance and get in
         Take charge to impress Goal

     Spunky Goal

       New music sheets for the Gondolier
       Help Bozo with Bambina
       Platypus Battaka

   Stop the Resistance

Chapter 2

   Find the Resistance
   The new secret knock
   Repair the Radio Tower

     Get the lottery numbers

   Trace Donna
   Get into the submarine

Chapter 3

   The Transporter
   The Finale


As before, you need to fix the junk press. But first click LMB on Bozo to talk with him and then choose the option “how to examine an object”. Now pick up the Yin and use scroll to open the inventory. Next you need to combine Yin and Yang – just select one and click on the other. Now you just need to use the spare part on the Inconspicuous bracket and push the button one the left.


Grandma Utz

  • open the toolbox and take the Hammer
  • take the hammer from the pole to free the bird
  • open the bathroom door and click LMB on the box
  • take the Power Inverter from the toolbox and use it on the box
  • pull the flush handle and press the flush button
  • take the Hammer from under the table – this will result is Rufus taking the Tablecloth, so use it on the sink
  • press the button (on the right side of the sink) and take the Soaked Tablecloth
  • use the soaked tablecloth on the fire to get the hammer

Return to the escape pod plan - with a big saw blade

  • stomp on the bellows
  • click on the panhandle and use the blade on the fireworks (the top one)
  • click on the panhandle again and stomp the bellows

Shut up Cleatus

  • press the eject-button

Go help Doc

  • click on the trash can to get the Bait and exit the trawler (to the harbor)
  • map - click on the Industrial Park
  • go through the door on the right with three question marks and click on Clever-Byte (you can talk with him or just pick the last option to end the dialogue)
  • take the Stick and use it on Clever-Byte (then pick up the stick again)
  • the lamp will turn on, take the Crank. Then take the Electrical Tape and use it on the stick – you will get an Insulated Stick, use that on the lamp, and then (Insulated and Highly Charged Stick) on Clever-Byte
  • enter the door on the right and go through the corridor to meet Doc

Get the cartridges

  • First – take the Screwdriver from Doc’s desk, then go outside (the resistance will talk to Rufus for w while) and use the map to return to Dock (where two thugs will beat up Rufus)
  • take a Hook from the fisherman’s Jar of hooks and a Bucket from the pole. Then enter the Gadget Shop on the left – you can use every one of the available options, they will all result in the same
  • you will get a Remote and two Cartridges from Doc

Persuade Goal

Go to the tavern (use the map to return to Docs and use the passage behind Rufus and go through the purple door in the middle) and… You can do this in whatever order you like. But first you need to change Goal’s personality on the one you want – use the Remote on the Cartridges in your inventory. Goal is now in the Lady mode (pink), you can change it to Spunky Goal (green) or Baby Goal (blue).

Lady Goal

  • Talk with Goal – you will get a Peanut Bowl in the process
  • before going further with our mission – take the Sugar Dispenser from Bozo’s table and go outside. Use the Sugar Dispenser on the Generator and return to the tavern. Take the Razorfish from the wall
  • go to Bellevue – exit the bar and enter through the top passage. That is the Marketplace
  • before you go any further – use the passage on the left, to get to the Pharmacist. Click LMB on the Dumpster to get Expired Pills
  • return to the Marketplace and from there take the top passage - you will end up behind bars so to speak
  • use the Peanut Bowl on the Fine Nose to enter the area
  • go through the white door on the right to meet Captain Seagull – talk with him (whoa! reality check)
  • so we get a fatherly advice to invite Goal to dinner, but we must get rid of all the platypus dishes in the restaurant first. Before that we need to get a few notes from the Captain – click RMB on…
  1. Books – to get Candle Memo
  2. Flowers – to get Water Memo
  3. Goldfish Bowl – to get Bread Memo
  4. Window – to get Coal Memo
  5. with the fourth memo you will automatically get Thread Memo
  • exit the villa and go to the Crane the Poet – the passage beneath Seagull’s house
  • talk with him to find out that he doesn’t need anything that the Captain needs – give him all the memos and he will tell you, that you can take everything. So basically do just that and take - Candle, Water, Coal, Thread, Bread and the Urn from the shelve
  • return to Bellevue and go through the passage on the left with three question marks
  • talk with Platypus Trapper – you will find out that there are lots of unguarded platypus nests, so there won’t be any shortage in the delivery for the restaurant – which is what we want, but to change that we need the platypus field guide which we can get only by registering to the Platypus Club. For that we need the trial registration card, which the Trapper hid in the restaurants fortune cookies
  • also – read at least one Greeting Card from the stand and ask the Platypus Trapper about it. Get him to recite one of his poems to you
  • ring the Bell in front of the checkout counter of the restaurant and talk with… um, the two eyes with a voice that will appear (ha ha, Mc Thulu) – you will find out that they don’t serve anything besides platypus, because they have a good supplier of those and that the fortune cookies are free

Fortune cookie and the trial membership card

To get the fortune cookie: choose “I’d like to order some take-out.” option from the dialogue or click RMB on the Take-out menu on the left:
  1. order Menu 2 with one fortune cookie
  2. select the two hamburgers and change them into one cheeseburger
  3. then change that into a large drink
  4. change the big and medium drink into two small ones
  5. select both and change them into two hamburgers
  6. two hamburgers change into one cheeseburger
  7. then the cheeseburger into a large drink and downsize that into nothing
  8. you reduced the price to zero zlotti and got the Fortune Cookie for free
  • you can open the fortune cookie if you like, but Rufus just isn’t lucky enough to get the trial membership card for the Platypus Club – if you use the cookie (RMB in the inventory), just get another one from the Take-out menu or ring for service
  • go to the Dock (you can use the map) and give the fortune cookie to the Fisherman to get the ID card
  • return to Bellevue and give the ID card to Platypus Trapper

Get the platypus off the menu

  • now you have the Field Guide, read it in the inventory (RMB)
  • click on every picture to find out where to look for the eggs and how to hatch them
  • you can do the following in whatever order you like:

Earth Platypus

  • go to Bellevue (the location with the map) and touch the tree on the right
  • return to Bellevue – now the rake is gone, take the Spade and use the bucket from your inventory on the Tub full of dirt to get Bucket with Soil
  • click on the egg – a minigame will start
  • the animal will moves just like a Knight figure from chess, so just place the two rocks to block his way and the trap on the only other option he will have. His starting point is random, for example my egg was in the lower right corner and when I clicked on it, the animal moved to the upper left corner, so from there:
  1. place the first rock on the mound of soil in the second row from the top and the third column from the left
  2. the second rock in the third row from the top and the second column from the left
  3. put the trap in his first position – the lower right corner and click on him to get the Earth Platypus Egg
  • just remember the move - two squares horizontally and one square vertically, or two squares vertically and one square horizontally (if you’ll still have problems – just look it up or ask someone that plays chess)
  • put the Egg in the Bucket with Soil and go to Doc’s workshop
  • there is a Freezer inside – put the Bucket with Soil and Egg in it (Rufus will automatically press the button beside the freezer to turn it on, and freeze the water that was inside)
  • the Earth Platypus is aggressive, so push the Switch beside the freezer and melt the ice, then push it again to freeze the Platypus
  • use the Spade from your inventory on the Frozen Earth Platypus
  • return to Bellevue and put the Earth Platypus in the Nest
another solution to the random puzzle

Air Platypus

  • go to Bellvue (the location with the restaurant) and go up (the passage in the middle). Now use the crank from your inventory on the crank handle and click on it to get the socks closer – take the Egg
  • go to Seagull’s house and click LMB on the Books and then again on “Pull here for secret door”
  • take the Vacuum Cleaner and go to the crow’s nest (up the ladder)
  • here you need to use the Urn from your inventory on the Pipe (because for some reason the mast will lower only by inserting human ash to the Flag-O-Mat – maybe to prevent anyone from lowering it)
  • combine the Thread with the Hook in the inventory and use Hook on a Thread on the Windsock, half-mast and then click LMB on the Frommet to attach the hook
  • put the Flying Platypus Egg to the Attached, yet insufficiently taut windsock
  • go down to the house and open the Hatch. Then pull out the Lint Trap and use the Hand-held Vacuum Cleaner from the inventory on the Lint
  • return to the crow’s nest – you took the ash, so now the mast is in I’s previous position. Use the Razorfish from your inventory on the… Heavily taut windsock with egg
  • take the Hanging windsock and go down to the location with the map. Put the Bread from the inventory in the Birdhouse
  • there is one more thing that we need – go to Little Venice. If you are following this walkthrough it won’t be highlighted on the map, because we haven’t been there yet. Go either to the Industrial Park, or the Docs.
  1. from the Industrial Park go through the upper left passage and then continue on this path – go through the lower left passage
  2. from the Docs go to the harbor (the upper passage) and from there take the road to the left
  • either way you’re in the Little Venice – take the Antenna and combine it in the inventory with the windsock
  • return to the Bellevue and use the Landing Net from your inventory on the Flying Platypus
  • go left to the location with the restaurant and put the Flying Platypus in the Platypus nest

Fire Platypus

  • now that Rufus has his own candle – go to the tavern and lit it from the Candle inside
  • go to the Industrial Park and click LMB on the Furnace to open it. Then put in the Coal and Lit Candle from your inventory
  • the smoke pushed the egg in the pipe and now you can take it – go up through the passage where the resistance members were earlier and take the Egg in the funnel
  • a mini-game will start – you have to move the Pipes so that the egg will travel to the Furnace. It’s easier to start from the end and just move as the pipes go to join them and make a straight path to the furnace for the egg
  • take the Fire Platypus from the Furnace and put it in the Nest

Water Platypus

  • go to the Harbor (on foot or to the Docs on the map and through the top passage) and take the Egg that lies under the footbridge that leads to the Gondolier
  • go to the Fisherman in the Docs and show him your Razorfish
  • use the last option in the dialogue “I use a special kind of bait.”
  • now use the Expired Pills from the inventory on the Bucket with bait and show the Fisherman your Bait, that you pulled out from the trash can in Bozo’s trawler at the very beginning
  • now you have a Tigerfish and for the Platypus you need a Zebrafish, so go to the Doc’s workshop (where Clever-Byte used to guard the door – also called The Replacement Part Store) and use the Tigerfish on the Paint bucket, then combine the Zebrafish with the Water Platypus Egg in the inventory
  • go through the passage on the right and use the Frankenfish with Egg on the Elecrodes
  • you need to get the fish into some water – go to Seagull’s house. If along the way Rufus will say that he feels twitching you must use the water from your inventory on the Zebrafish with Egg so it won’t die. If so – then you’ll need to bring it back to life again
  • put the Zebrafish with Egg into the Goldfish bowl (ha ha, very short existence), then click LMB on the Goldfish bowl to get the Water Platypus
  • return to the Harbor and use the Water Platypus on the Nest

Get the reservation - poem

  • return to Seagull and tell him about the new menu (“I did it”)
  • unfortunately he thinks that Rufus needs also a poem for the lady, so go to the only poet you know – Crane (that lives under Seagull)
  • ask him for help (“You know quite a bit about poetry, don’t you?”) and when he will ask you to try something on your own – recite the poem from the Platypus Trapper (“Here am I. There are you. Platy-poo.”). Crane will call Rufus a lost cause and promise to help him through the radio
  • go to Seagull and tell him about the plan (“I know which words I’ll use to impress Goal” – “I may not be good at waxing eloquent. But I’ve got this”), he will give Rufus an Invitation for Lady Goal

Get Lady Goal on your side

  • go to the tavern and give the Invitation to Goal
  • you’ll find yourself in Seagull’s house – take the Radio Equipment Memo from the table and go to Crane - give him the memo
  • go to the Bellevue’s area with the restaurant (The Old Town). Rufus will get another reality check. Use the Radio Equipment from the inventory on Platypus Trapper

Baby Goal

We’re back at the tavern. Use the Remote including Cartridges from your inventory on Goal and press blue for the Baby mode.
  • talk with Goal. Great, now we have to join the Resistance
  • talk with Gulliver and then with Garlef that sits upstairs – he will give you the Bathroom Key and agree on Rufus joining the resistance if he can beat him in rock-paper-scissors, but for that we need official tournament fingers

Cheat the Shop-O-Mat

  • use the Bathroom Key on the Bathroom Door – Rufus will come out with a Shred of Toilet Paper
  • before you leave – talk to Nod and you’ll find out that you need to be truly reckless to get to the Unorganized Crime
  • go to the Marketplace and talk with the Pharmacist, then hand him the Shred of Toilet Paper to get the Cucumber of Revelation
  • go to the Gadget Shope – you can talk to the Shop-O-Mat if you want to know the story about the storekeeper
  • take the Anti-gravity Socks and then the Indestructible Sunglasses of Eternal Darkness. Go back down from the ceiling
  • use the Indestructible Sunglasses of Eternal Darkness on the Shredder
  • take the Juicer Hat and use it with the Cucumber of Revelation in the inventory
  • now give the Indestructible Sunglasses of Eternal Darkness to the Shop-O-Mat and take The Golden Dragon of Invisibility - click on it with RMB in the inventory for Rufus to put it on
  • as you are invisible – take the Indestructible Sunglasses of Eternal Darkness from the counter and exit the shop

Join the Unorganized Crime

  • go to Little Venice. In the inventory combine the Sunglasses Lens with the Left Frame and then the Left Frame with Lens with the Right Frame. Use the Repaired Sunglasses [Left Lens] on the Periscope
  • click on the hatch with three question marks
  • open the Door to the radio room and talk to Cleatus – you’ll get Slides
  • now press the Button under the Radio Station and use the Razorfish from your inventory on the Kitty (you can do that only after talking to Nod)
  • so now you know why the Unorganized Crime is unorganized – you need to talk to Donna, so that she will agree… or more so that she will twitch in the right way
  • to get to the Unorganized Crime choose “I want to make Donna an offer”, then “Forget it” and “Go ahead”

Join the Resistance

  • now you can go freely to the Bridge – take the Tournament Hand from there
  • return to Garlef in the tavern and show him the Tournament Hand
  • a rock-paper-scissors mini-game will start. Garlef told us earlier that his specialty are the scissors, so he will play with just that. Unfortunately your minus button is stuck, so we need to get rid of four fingers some other way (because rock beats scissors, and we need that for most of the game).
  • either play with paper or use the Razorfish button to get the fingers loaded and loose two as a penalty. If you’ll play with paper, then you’ll have to do that the second time anyway so there won’t be a tie. After two rounds finally play with rock until Garlef if out of fingers – then add four to your hand and play with paper.
  • now Rufus knows the secret knock, so go talk with Goal “It is done. We are resistance fighters!”

Find the door to the Resistance and get in

  • Goal left you behind. Go to the Marketplace and through the passage with three question marks (a little to the right from the one leading to Bellevue)
  • first tip – Rufus is talking a lot about the Marketplace music, so don’t even bother knocking on the door, because he already forgot the special knock. You need to go to the Setting menu, and turn the music level to zero (figuring that out took ages!). Now you can knock on the door
  • an old knock?! Hide in the Crate. Liebold will come out and use the old knock (isn’t it the same as the new one?). Knock again and you can turn the music back now if you want.

Take charge to impress Goal

  • enter the resistance hideout. You can talk to everybody or just use the Slides from the inventory on the Slide Projector
  • now this is a hard one – you need to choose the answers so that when Janosh will repeat the plan, Rufus won’t die out of laughter over his speech defect
  • the correct answers are:
  1. A symbol
  2. An Organon bombing fort
  3. Our enemy will try to eradicate Deponia
  4. Our team will dare to attack!
  5. I obtained typographical data locating one particular organon fort
  6. … detonate a bomb here and put an end to all life, marine and on land
  7. Goal and her brain implant might mean an important trump in our hand

Spunky Goal

Again back at the tavern. Use the Remote including Cartridges from your inventory on Goal and press green for the Spunky mode.
  • talk with Goal. Ok, so apparently Bozo has some experience with tempered women, so go talk to him
  • the only personality that’s left to convince is the Spunky one so tell him “I do believe Spunky Goal likes me” after asking him what was he about to say
  • next ask him about those mysterious words and his Bambina – convince him, that he needs to visit her
  • now go outside and talk with the Gondolier - ask him everything about his singing
  • to make him sing something else we need to find him new music sheets

New music sheets for the Gondolier

  • go to the tavern and choose “The Mating Song of the Junk Crabs” on the Jukebox
  • go outside and use the Sugar Dispenser from your inventory on the Generator, then go back to the tavern
  • open the Jukebox flap with the Screwdriver from Doc’s workshop and take “The Mating Song of the Junk Crabs”
  • return to the Gondolier and click on the Bumper – now we know where he gets the replacement
  • he’s gone, so take “The Mating Song of the Junk Crabs” from the inventory and use it on the Music stand

Help Bozo with Bambina

  • Bozo is in front of the Weapons Shop – from the Harbor go to Little Venice and from there take the passage on the left
  • talk to Bozo and assure him, that yes, it’s going to be great
  • Junk Crabs were attracted by their mating song, and now they are in the pipe on the left – use the Pipe Valve to keep them there
  • now go to the Pharmacist on the Marketplace – left to Doc’s Workshop (notice the green pipe on the right) and down the path to the Marketplace and on the platform
  • there is a Pipe Diverter here and three different pipes. The Crabs are stuck in the red one and the yellow one leads to the Dark Alley as we saw on the cut-scene. Remember that the Gondolier gets his Airbags from Doc?
  • connect the red pipe with the green pipe
  • now return to the Weapons Shop and click on the Pipe Valve to get the Crabs in the Airbag Crate
  • go to the Gondolier and again kick the Bumper
  • again to the Weapons Shop – talk to Bozo “You’re not going to give up just like that, are you?”
  • enjoy the full version of “The Mating Song of the Junk Crabs” and… well, now you know the secret line
  • go to the tavern and use the secret line on Goal – “Why, hello, doll. Come here often?”

Platypus Battaka

  • Goal will point to the part of Rufus that she’s going to attack, so just react accordingly and defend the pointed part
  • then attack the only not shielded part of Goal and so on – you have a limited time to choose the right part to defend/attack
  • in the Rage Mode you just have to stand a couple of attacks without your turn to strike
  • Goals attacks will be stronger, because Rufus is a wimp – if you won’t win at the first try, there is a Training Dummy on the arena. Use it to upgrade your power. There will be a sequence to repeat, for example head, torso, right leg – after the presentation just hit the parts in the correct order. These sequences will get longer in time and you can skip them if you like
  • you can repeat the fight by clicking on To The Fight door on the arena

Stop the Resistance

  • knock on the door to Doc’s workshop and you’ll get Liebold’s Remote - use it on Liebold
  • a portal appeared – step into it
  • you can talk with your future self or just choose ”I want proof” option. It doesn’t matter what you’ll choose next
  • talk to Doc and then to Goal – get the Cartridge
  • open the Drawer on the left and take the Remotes, then combine Donna’s Remote with the Cartridge and use it on Donna
  • take the Crowbar and weapon and go Into the Lock
  • Rufus will talk to his past self. After that, use the Crowbar on the Electrodes to open the portals
  • then select “Zeeblezooble” or you will create a time paradox
  • click on the Clock
  • talk to Donna/Goal to find out more about Elysium and Deponia

Chapter 2

Find the Resistance

Porta Fisco
  • first off, go to Porta Fisco
  • take the Power Inverter that lies on the left of the top passage and go to the tent
  • talk with Seer and then take the Bananas (you’ll have to click three times for Rufus to actually take them)
  • go out and talk with Goon – Rufus will destroy his umbrella, after that enter the Severs

The new secret knock

  • Janosh gave Rufus a note: “+ - +”. Knock on the door – a mini-game will start
  • you have to knock accordingly to the note, so if you knock once, and the answer will be two nocks – you have to add that and knock three times etc.
  • the correct way is:
  1. three knocks (you’ll get one as an answer),
  2. four knocks (three as an answer – so at this point it couldn’t be less than four, because you wouldn’t be able to knock),
  3. one knock (four as an answer – so if you got more than one at this stage you wouldn’t be able to pass, cause’ the maximum number of knocks is five),
  4. and five knocks

Repair the Radio Tower

  • take the Canister and return to the Cutter, to go to the North Pole by using the Radar
North Pole
  • once there, take the Hose, some ice from the Snow Pile and go inside the Cutter
  • inside pick up the Tea, then use on it the Ice from you inventory. Rufus will… well… moving on – take the Torch and using the Radar in the Cutter go to Isla Watchit
Isla Watchit
  • use the Bananas from the inventory on the Exhaust. Then use the Hose on the Diesel Generator and on that the Canister
  • go through the passage on the right and take the Broken Transmitter, then return to the Cutter and give it to Doc
  • go to the Floating Black Market
Floating Black Market
  • click on the Bait Fish, then talk with the Fisherman – eventually he will tell Rufus, that whenever he’s close, the only thing he catch is boots. Perfect! Ask him to catch a boot and then tell him “I won’t go away until you catch me a boot”. Now don’t click on anything! If you do, you will lose. Goal will start to whine and eventually the Fisherman will break. This is how you get a Shoe
  • return to Porta Fisco
Porta Fisco
  • use the Torch from the inventory on the Burning Barrel and then enter the top passage
  • use the Burning Torch on the Mountain of Tires – then take the Burning Tire
  • go to the Goon and give him the Shoe… Rufus is a real jerk
  • enter the Sewer, where the Old Power Turbine is. Open the Hatch and install a Power Inverter from your inventory. Then open the Tank and use Diesel on it. After that, press the Button beside the Rebel Camp entrance
  • go inside the Camp and take the Little Tree - Rufus will collect all of them and you can turn off the turbine now if you want
  • use the Tire from your inventory on the Service Hatch and then use the Bait Fish on it
  • … brutal
  • take the Cans of Tuna and the Wading Pool

Get the lottery numbers

  • use the Remote from your inventory on Goal and convince Baby Goal to go with you to the fortune teller
  • first – rephrase all the questions, and then ask the Seer anything just to have the extra dialogue option with the humbug. You can ask him every question if you like of course, but in the end you must use the humbug option and as the Seer is showing his glass ball – take the remote from the inventory and use it on Goal
  • now you have three questions to ask and the last one needs to be about the lottery numbers – that’s when Spunky Goal reaches her limit and you can hear something more from the Seer
  • now let’s go have a look at the stars – to the North Pole
North Pole
  • look at the Pole Star – so the numbers were really in the stars
  • return to the Floating Black Market
Floating Black Market
  • use the Can of Tuna on the Bowl – in front of the Gadget Shop and go ask Goal if she can fit through the cat flap
  • enter the Gadget Shop and use the Lott-O-Mat to get a Prize ticket. Use it on the Shop-O-Mat and you’ll get the Torpedo Equipment for the dolphins
  • use the Bananas from your inventory on the Banana Straightner
  • go back to the Isla Watchit
Isla Watchit
  • go through the passage on the right – to the Radio Tower
  • if Rufus will try to take the Transmitter up the Radio Tower he’ll just get struck by lightning, so – take the Wading Pool from the inventory and put it on the Plateau. Then use the Pump on the right
  • use the Remote on Goal and ask Baby Goal to stand in the wading pool and don’t move
  • give her the Broken Umbrella, Air Freshener Trees and the Prize ticket. Then use the Transmitter on the Radio Tower

Trace Donna

  • go to the Porta Fisco
Porta Fisco
  • straight to the Rebel Camp – the dolphins are depressed and Rufus needs to cheer them up somehow – you can talk to Toni about this
  • go to the Back and use the Straight Banana from your inventory on the Drain – no idea why the banana needs to be straight for that
  • now go Forward and click on the Lock
  • return to the Sewer and use Torpedo Equipment on the Dolphins, then go to the Cutter and use the Radar
  • a mini-game – you need to get the dolphin icon to the submarine. Try to chase it into a dead end by using the three dolphins. Otherwise the submarine will escape

Get into the submarine

  • open the Locker and take the Diving Suit, then place it on the Hook
  • click LMB on the Diving Suit to go down – take two Hose’s and go back up
  • combine the two Hose’s in the inventory and use it on the Water Faucet. Then click on the Hose to take the other end of it and place it in the Diving Suit
  • use the Water Faucet, then open the Lamp above it and take the Candle
  • enter the Cutter – inside use the Candle on the Pot and take it. Use the Remote on Goal
  • go on the Deck and press the Bell three times
  • use the Pot with Wax on the Dent in the door
  • now use the Impression on the Diving Helmet and ask Bozo to lower the dummy
  • get into the Diving Suit and click on the Hatch

Chapter 3

The Transporter

Rufus needs to get to the upper station as himself
  1. start by going in the right Transporter
  2. again the right one
  3. right
  4. up - middle
  5. right
  6. up – middle
  7. now as a frog – click on the Fly in the left Transporter to eat it and use the Transporter you’re in right now to teleport back inside
  8. down – left one
  9. left one
  10. now, you can go up or use the left Transporter again to see The Whispered World reference – after that just use the left Transporter again
  11. go up

The Finale

  • go to the Bomb Control Room and click on the Bag to get a Cartridge and a Remote
  • use the Cartridge on Donna
  • when Rufus will get back to the Bomb Control Room – click on the Controls... twice
  • stop out of the Control Room for the cut-scene to begin
  • click on the Remote on the right, then click on Cleatus to get on top
  • now talk to Spunky Donna Goal – if Cleatus gets on top, just click on him to change that
  • when the other Remote will get near Rufus – take it
  • now use the red Remote on Goal
  • the truth will set you free

And that’s it. Rufus didn’t get to Elysium again. Maybe in part three...

Autorka: Kami



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