Demo Secret Files 3 - walkthrough

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walkthrough Demo Secret Files 3

  Ancient times   Wedding   Max Apartment   Max Office Ancient times At the beginning you find yourself as a thief. Your mission is to get into the library and destroy some amphora. Look at the wall – cracks in it are wide enough to use them as a ladder. The right way to do that is shown on the screen.
You will land at the yard. As you don’t want to kill the guard, you have to distract him somehow. Look through the window at left – horses are nervous today. Get the bag hanging nearby. Use it to take snake, which lie next to the barrels. Throw it through the window and quickly go to the door. You will find yourself in the large hall. The thief will tell you which door is your target. Click at the beam to climb on it. The way you should go is as follow: maximum down, to the right, maximum up, take the fabric, to the right, maximum down and to the right.
Connect anchor with the rope, and later with the fabric. Now use it on the window above the door. Click at the amphora and the thief will do his work. Wedding As Nina you are trying not to miss your wedding. Unfortunately, not everything goes as was planned. At the right, there is cassock. Take it with the cloth hanger. Use the second item to take the nail out of the wall. Take the goblet from the font and the mop, which is next to the statue.
Grab some water into the goblet and use it at the burning bookshelf. When the fire is off, take the board out of the bookshelf. Use nail to remove some mortar left to the statue. Put the board in the hole. Use mop with the flames and set fire to the arras. Now you can climb on the statue. You are allowed to chose the level of difficulty now (same as in Lost Horizon). Your task is to swing the statue. It is simple to achieve. When Nina is in maximum deflection (for example left) click on the arrow of opposite direction (for example right). Do it a few times and Nina will jump through the window.
Max Apartment The whole situation turns out to be just a bad dream, but the reality soon becomes a nightmare too. When Max was dragged out he said something about Australia – maybe that was a hint? Take Max rucksack, which is laying at right. Inspect it with right mouse button. From the book take 4 flags and table of content. Go to the right and click on the map of Australia. Check how the missing chapters are named – these are the names of Australia cities. Put the flags on them to reveal hidden compartment.
Max Office You are in Max office. Look at the painting on the wall. Something is behind it. What the picture can suggest us ? Volcano eruption and sea storm – we need lava, water and wind. Turn on the lamp at right and light in the aquarium. Take the spatula, which is laying on some boxes – put it in the fridge for some time. When it is ready, use it with air condition. The safe will open. Take the daily and handy out of it. Open the drawer in the desk with a key. Take everything out to find a PIN code. Write it in the handy.
That is the end of demo version. Now we have to wait for the full game. Autor: jeziu5


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